Bulk Up



How long will this last me?
(Divide these amounts by the number of animals you will have on feed to calculate the total days product will last)
One lamb or goat
5# Bulk Up: 90 days

One steer or heifer
5#: 30-45 days, depending on weight
10#: 60-90 days, depending on weight

Goats under 45lbs and lambs under 90lbs: Feed 1 scoop per feeding. Once over these weights you may feed a second scoop for maximum results (optional).
Cattle under 1000lbs: Feed 2-3 scoops per feeding.
Cattle over 1000lbs: Feed 3-4 scoops per feeding.

Pair with rigorous exercise once animals are in adequate flesh. Additional scoops may be fed to maximize shape, expression, and muscle growth.

What’s in here and why?

  • Whole egg powder as a complete source of amino acids and quality fat
  • Coconut and MCT oil as top tier fat sources with high absorption and partial rumen bypass properties- no soft fat and easy on the gut
  • Whey protein concentrate for highly available protein
  • Gamma oryzanol and polycosanol to support muscle shape and expression
  • Whey for dense carbohydrate content
  • Dried molasses for added palatability

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 7.7 × 5 × 4.5 in

5 lb Foil Bag, 10 lb Foil Bag


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Client Testimonials

"We have used many other products and just couldn't achieve the desired results until we switched to Sawtooth. We have used these products over the past 3 years and have seen great results. In our barn and our recommendation to all of our customers is to look to Sawtooth for their needs. It has helped my family and many of our customers reach their goals."
Brandon Evans, Evans Livestock
"Prowl was a game changer for us when traveling this fall. Lambs came off the trailer flexible and comfortable. They never had those stiff/uncomfortable days when being on the road. I am confident that stock could handle riding across the country and still be ready to walk in the show ring the next day, plus the palatability was next level."
Madison Banbury, Banbury-Hayhurst Livestock
"We’ve utilized and recommended Sawtooth additives for show lambs and top-dressed 'Alpha' and 'Cornerstone' in our stud the past two years. We believe they’ve had a positive influence on not only freshness, health, and handling quality in the show lambs but also the fertility of our rams. We know for certain the sheep consume the products readily, they look good on Sawtooth products, and they feel good!"
Kolby Burch, Burch Livestock LLC
"Sawtooth will always be a staple in our program! Whether we are pushing our young ones or holding and dialing in for 'the big show', each product plays an important role in getting us to where we need to be. From gut health, appetite, bloom, hydration, and lean muscle expression all while staying fresh, Sawtooth has us covered across the board!! #trusttheprocess"
Heather Hull, TN
"We are all in on Sawtooth Supplement Science. The supplements are awesome, but what makes them so effective are the brains and customer service behind them. When we first started out people were always telling us supplements to use, the problem is we had no idea what we were doing so we never saw results. When I contacted Caleb he worked with us in deciding which supplements to use, how much to give, and how long to use them. We have absolutely seen the results we were hoping for. While every product we have tried we have loved, we cannot live without Cornerstone and our new favorite Redfish. Our animals will literally fight for a bucket when they know we are bringing Redfish in. Sawtooth Supplements gets a 10/10 from our barn!"
The Longmores, UT

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