How fast will I get my order?

We do our very best to be expeditious in getting orders out the door. That said, once orders are in the hands of couriers, we have no control over delivery times. The best bet to having your order going out in a timely manner is to order by 3PM MST for fastest turnaround. ORDERS ARE PACKED SUN-THURS NIGHTS! Fedex 2Day is generally 2 day delivery like the name would suggest, but delays happen. USPS has the widest window, from as short as 2 days to as many as 7+ days.

Are the products safe for all species?

Yes! With the exception of Bulk Up for pigs; we would like to see more data for the product being fed before feeling comfortable making a strong recommendation.

How long will each product last me?

One lamb or goat
10# Cornerstone: 130 days
5# Bulk Up: 90 days

One steer or heifer
10# Cornerstone: 45-65 days, depending on weight
5# Bulk Up: 30-45 days, depending on weight

One barrow or gilt
10# Cornerstone: 65-130 days, depending on weight