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The do it all supplement

Cornerstone is the one that got us started. Cover your bases with support for gut health, appetite, hair and hide health, hair growth, and immune health and response.

Hit the weight room

Bulk Up is tried and true for adding mass, shape, and bloom. Use for early jackpots, maxing out results from the track and treadmill, or maintaining weight without losing shape.

take a chill pill

Struggling with animals that stress during transport or in the show ring? Chill Out is here to help.

Lick the bowl

Between Sweetcoat and Cake Batter, your animals (and maybe you) will want to lick the bowl. Add bloom and cover while encouraging consumption.

Hoof-Licking Good

Have a hard-doing animal and want to put on weight without risking them going off feed? Check out Cake Batter. Highly palatable and able to be fed long-term.

Catch your Breath

Keeping animals fresh and smooth for shows can be challenging, to say the least. It's even harder when drench mixes can include many different ingredients, turning your kitchen into a laboratory! Second Wind is your ready to go solution. Simply shake and drench with water and your electrolyte of choice.

Refreshingly Rehydrating

We'll cut to the chase: your electrolyte isn't doing enough. Redfish goes the extra mile, including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to keep your animals chugging along during stressful periods.

Fertility, Elevated.

We unintentionally created the best fertility supplement on the market in Cornerstone and decided to take it up a notch. Alpha takes the trusted Cornerstone foundation and pairs it with additional active ingredients to target sexual development and overall fertility.

Don't just walk, prowl.

As animals continue to be fed for longer periods of time, exercised vigorously, and more muscle is added, mobility and inflammation can become compromised. That is where Prowl comes into play. Joint pliability, connective tissue health, and reduction of inflammation are just a few of its highlights.

Worth its weight in gold.

Freshness, bloom, and hydration are all critical at shows. Platinum Punch is a product that can help with all three!

Have a question? We're here to help!

Our greatest goal at Sawtooth Supplement Science is to simplify the feeding process for you. Any questions about the products or how to best use in your scenario? Shoot us a message! If you’re unable to reach use through the site chat, send an email or shoot us a text.

Why Sawtooth?


Ingredients in the supplement world come in three grades: feed, food, and pharmaceutical. Feed grade is the lowest quality and will vary greatly in color, texture, and even scent, making two different batches noticeably different. This results in an inconsistent product that can make animals turn their nose up at the next bucket you purchase. Unfortunately, many in the livestock supplement space utilize ingredients of this quality to cut corners and save money. At Sawtooth Supplement Science, we strictly use food grade and pharmaceutical grade ingredients. This means our products are high enough quality to be found on grocery store shelves or inside a pill bottle at your local pharmacy. We refuse to cut corners and only accept the highest quality, most consistent product we can offer you.


All of our manufacturing is done locally, where quality can easily be monitored and jobs in the community are supported, as opposed to outsourcing to the cheapest option. All machinery is thoroughly cleaned between product runs, no banned or restricted substances are used in the facility, and the potential for any toxicity issues are eliminated by strict protocols. Additionally, all rumen degradable active ingredients are encapsulated to ensure maximum delivery to the animal. We believe that you deserve the highest quality manufacturing backed by the tightest safeguards.


Science is in our name for a reason; it is what guides all decision-making surrounding product development! If we cannot find quality scientific literature to support an ingredient’s use, we won’t include it. If there is no relevant research to an ingredient being considered, we have no issue setting up third party research to test its effects in a specific area. Unfortunately, very few in this space operate with the same standards or background. I have my Bachelor’s in Chemistry, minor in Biology, emphasis in Biochemistry, and am currently pursuing my Master’s in Ruminant Nutrition. We believe that if someone doesn’t have the qualifications to be formulating your animals’ feed and supplements, you shouldn’t be using them!


At the very core of who we are is integrity. We believe in doing the right thing at all times, regardless of whether it is the most profitable thing. If an order is fulfilled incorrectly, we will make it right immediately. Not satisfied with the product? Let us know and let’s see if we can help you have a more positive experience. At the end of the day, this company was started as a direct result of my frustration with the greed found in this space and my desire to help families have a better experience feeding animals, both financially and with time spent.

Wicked Fast Delivery.

We have spent long hours optimizing packaging and shipping contracts to bring you affordable, fast delivery. Order Sunday through Thursday nights to have your order shipped the next day! Do note that FedEx 2Day shipping does not include weekends.

Client Testimonials

"We’ve utilized and recommended Sawtooth additives for show lambs and top-dressed 'Alpha' and 'Cornerstone' in our stud the past two years. We believe they’ve had a positive influence on not only freshness, health, and handling quality in the show lambs but also the fertility of our rams. We know for certain the sheep consume the products readily, they look good on Sawtooth products, and they feel good!"
Kolby Burch, Burch Livestock LLC
"We have used many other products and just couldn't achieve the desired results until we switched to Sawtooth. We have used these products over the past 3 years and have seen great results. In our barn and our recommendation to all of our customers is to look to Sawtooth for their needs. It has helped my family and many of our customers reach their goals."
Brandon Evans, Evans Livestock
"We are all in on Sawtooth Supplement Science. The supplements are awesome, but what makes them so effective are the brains and customer service behind them. When we first started out people were always telling us supplements to use, the problem is we had no idea what we were doing so we never saw results. When I contacted Caleb he worked with us in deciding which supplements to use, how much to give, and how long to use them. We have absolutely seen the results we were hoping for. While every product we have tried we have loved, we cannot live without Cornerstone and our new favorite Redfish. Our animals will literally fight for a bucket when they know we are bringing Redfish in. Sawtooth Supplements gets a 10/10 from our barn!"
The Longmores, UT
"Prowl was a game changer for us when traveling this fall. Lambs came off the trailer flexible and comfortable. They never had those stiff/uncomfortable days when being on the road. I am confident that stock could handle riding across the country and still be ready to walk in the show ring the next day, plus the palatability was next level."
Madison Banbury, Banbury-Hayhurst Livestock
"Sawtooth will always be a staple in our program! Whether we are pushing our young ones or holding and dialing in for 'the big show', each product plays an important role in getting us to where we need to be. From gut health, appetite, bloom, hydration, and lean muscle expression all while staying fresh, Sawtooth has us covered across the board!! #trusttheprocess"
Heather Hull, TN

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