How long will this last me?
    (Divide these amounts by the number of animals you will have on feed to calculate the total days product will last)
    One lamb or goat
    5#: 65 days
    10#: 130 days
    20#: 260 days
    50#: 650 days

    One heifer or steer
    5#: 23-33 days, depending on weight
    10#: 45-65 days, depending on weight
    20#: 90-130 days, depending on weight
    50#: 225-325 days, depending on weight

    One barrow or gilt
    5#: 33-65 days, depending on weight
    10#: 65-130 days, depending on weight
    20#: 130-260 days, depending on weight
    50#: 325-650 days, depending on weight

    Goats under 45lbs and sheep under 90lbs: feed 1/2 scoop per feeding
    Goats over 45lbs and sheep over 95lbs: feed 1 scoop per feeding
    Pigs under 200lbs: feed 1 scoop per feeding
    Pigs over 200lbs: feed 2 scoops per feeding
    Cattle under 1000lbs: feed 2 scoops per feeding
    Cattle over 1000lbs: feed 3 scoops per feeding

    Additional scoops can be fed to maximize hair growth.

    What’s in here and why?

  • High dose probiotic blend for gut health
  • Comprehensive enzyme pack for optimal nutrient uptake and digestive function
  • FOS (rumen bypass feed) for hindgut health and appetite
  • MOS to improve immune health and response
  • High dose (84 mg/scoop) melatonin to maximize hair growth and reduce stress
  • Biotin and Vitamin E for hair health and growth
  • Farmatan as a natural anti fungal, dewormer, and to mitigate protozoan activity (coccidiosis)
  • ZinPro Zinc and Manganese for gut, immune, and hide and health health
  • Yucca for maximum performance and to manage protozoan activity
  • Trace mineral pack for overall cell function
  • Kelp meal to aid in temperature regulation and hair growth
  • Betaine to regulate body temperature, assist in rumen fermentation, and reduce heat stress
  • High dose (250 mg/scoop) tryptophan for a longer lasting melatonin spike

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3.7 × 4 in

10 lb Bucket, 20 lb Poly Bag, 50 lb Poly Bag, 5 lb Foil Bag, 10 lb Foil Bag


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